Tutorial : Product Image Clipping Path



                      There are many times when you do not want the entire image and need only 
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                      Catalogues displaying excellent quality photos without professional 
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                                     1.Create a a path, path 1 and activate clipping path option.
                                       Start pathing the image.

                                              Screenshot_2 Screenshot_3 Screenshot_4

                          2.Zoom in as much as possible to make clipping path work more easy. 
                           Path through 1 pixel.

Screenshot_5 Screenshot_6 Screenshot_7


                3.Direct the path maintaining the shape of the bottle. 
                  Be careful around curves and hard pointers.
                     Screenshot_8 Screenshot_9


                4. Select the image to see if any background image was left in. Group mask the image. 
                If no background is visible, your work is done.

                  Screenshot_10 Screenshot_11

                    Thanks for reading this tutorial.

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