Tutorial: Model Image Masking



Alpha channel does the same thing as other masking techniques, 
             with the difference that here, an Alpha Channel is used to. 
             Alpha channels are used to hold complex masking features and data.
             Alpha channels allow you to access mask, but it is not really used in the image. 
             It is a not-so-common masking technique and therefore, 
             for the optimum results to be achieved there has to be
             a professional doing this job.

            1. First take a copy of the background.Now select a path.

       Screenshot_2 Screenshot_3

                2.Go to channel option, and choose a channel, this makes the 
                  image stand out more.

                 3.Copy the blue channel.Now by pressing Ctrl+L take a level.
                   You would see 3 dropper Icons,select the 3rd icon and 
                   select the hair portion of the image.

                Screenshot_5 Screenshot_6 Screenshot_7


                  4.By pressing Ctrl+I invert the image and select the portion of hair
                    you want to keep and delete the background by pressing CTRL+Shift+I



           5.Select the white color from the color picker menu and 
             drop it on the selected path.

               6. Select the brush tool from the side menu and 
                  choose the overlay option from the mode drop menu.
                  Use the brush tool to gently brush the image,so that the image 
                  comes out clean.

                  Screenshot_11 Screenshot_12

                    7.  Select the blue copy channel, choose a layer
                        and add a layer.

                            Screenshot_13 Screenshot_14

                   8. Clean up the debris outside with the eraser tool.

                 9.Delete the blue copy channel. 
                   Go to the layer option and apply a 
                   solid color to the background e.g. Orange.

                  Screenshot_16 Screenshot_17 Screenshot_18
                 10. If all seems fine after applying solid color
                     to the background, we're done with masking.


            Thanks for reading the tutorial.

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