Tutorial : How To Do Invisible Man Neck Joint


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        Neck joint service is particularly done for clothing related product. 
        Online base style house company is emerged day by day it is important to 
        draw buyer attraction.Excellent product portrait help to promote sales.
        Utmost company use neck joint service.By amalgamation of that internal and 
        face part make the entire view of shooting. 

      1. First we'll have to select a path for the image. Copy the background,select the path and add a layer.
Screenshot_3 Screenshot_4
    2.  Now go to the support file or image and select the part of the image that you need to work on and copy it. After copying go to the main image and paste  it there using Ctrl+V.
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      3. Set the image by tilting the copied image by pressing Ctrl+T and adjusting it to the back of the garment as needed. Adjust using the mouse while pressing Ctrl.
Screenshot_8 Screenshot_9

      4.Now apply a solid color to the background e.g, White
Screenshot_10 Screenshot_11
       5. Now select the path near the collar of the shirt. Now path the total image created.
      6. After directing the path select it. Now by pressing Ctrl+shift+I select the support file and delete the background image.Select the main image and then delete the front image.
Screenshot_15 Screenshot_16
      7. Take a final look at the the processed image by using transparency option. If all looks good, you're done.
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         Thanks for reading the tutorial.

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