Tutorial : How To Do Color Correction


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                       1. First we'll have to select the path for
                         the object we want to do color correction of.
                         Then we'll have to choose a level from the properties option.




         2. Then we'll set the hue and saturation.
             Set the saturation at -100 and 
             then select a blank layer and 
             keep aside the color for the object.


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          3.We'll then select the object in an image,
            that we desire to do color correction of.
            After selecting we'll right-click and go to 
            histogram option and choose the color e.g, "Red".




         4. From the RGB Color option ,
         set the color balance to the right, 
         adjacent to the line above it.
         Same goes for green and then blue.

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        5. Then select a path for the object and press 
        Ctrl+Shift+I by pointing the cursor on a layer. 
        And color correction process is successfully completed.



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           Thanks for reading this tutorial.




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