Tutorial : How to apply shadow and reflection to an image



                   Nature shadow & reflection shadow delivers the same feeling 
                   like the original reflection or glass produces.Reflection shadow
                   is a realistic result that gives the illusion of shadows or mock 
                   up shadow from lighting and gives a 3D impact to your pictures. 
                   Reflections are similar to the drop shadows. Reflection Shadow makes
                   your pictures look alluring and culminate consideration than typical 
                   ones.The smooth look what Reflection Shadow creates can help any picture
                   prepared for publicize or present.

              1.First path the image. Then copy the background.
                Select the image and add a layer on the background copy.

                   2.Press CTRL+Shift+I and apply a solid color e.g,  black and select 
                     another solid color white and apply to the background.
                   Screenshot_3 Screenshot_4

                     3.While holding Alt and clicking on the first solid color black, 
                       path the portion of shadow needed.



                  4.Select the path and apply a feather radius of 20 pixels and press 
                    Ctrl+Shift+I and delete the remaining portion.

Screenshot_7 Screenshot_8

                  5.Holding Alt select the black  color fill.
                    Create a new layer and merge the shadow layer
                    and new layer.

                     Screenshot_9 Screenshot_10

                  6. Decrease the opacity. Choose the Gaussian blur from 
                     the blur option and set it to 2 pixels.

                      Screenshot_12 Screenshot_13

                7. The debris in the image can be erased using eraser tool
                    and by decreasing the opacity.


                   8.Select the path and seperate it from the main layer pressing Ctrl+G


                   9.By pressing Ctrl+t, set the new layers horizontal position at 120% downwards.


                     10.  Delete the path and create a new path and set it flipped vertically.
                         Screenshot_17 Screenshot_18

                  11.Press ctrl+T set the flipped image.
                    Select the warp option and warp the image 
                    to give it a natural reflection shape.
                        Screenshot_19 Screenshot_20

                       12. Apply gradient to the layer and select the gradient tool and set opacity at 100%.
                           Press shift and apply gradient to the reflection image.
                           Screenshot_21 Screenshot_22 Screenshot_23


          Thanks for reading the tutorial.

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