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06 Mar

Tutorial : How to resize an image

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Cropping is the cutting out of the object from the photo. The excess white is thrown away, as it were. The customer lets us know in advance to how much white (margin) he wants to keep around the object. Positioning is done by aligning products with products in other photos, so that a consistent view […]


06 Mar

Tutorial : Product Image Clipping Path

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There are many times when you do not want the entire image and need only a few parts from the frame. Striking and superior quality photographs are the real essence of any advertisement. Clear, high resolution photographs convey the right message to valuable customers paving the way for a successful advertisement. With product retouch the […]

Shadow and Reflactin

05 Mar

Tutorial : How to apply shadow and reflection to an image

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Nature shadow & reflection shadow delivers the same feeling like the original reflection or glass produces.Reflection shadow is a realistic result that gives the illusion of shadows or mock up shadow from lighting and gives a 3D impact to your pictures. Reflections are similar to the drop shadows. Reflection Shadow makes your pictures look alluring […]

Natural Shadow

05 Mar

Tutorial : How to apply natural shadow to an image

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In this process background will be removed and the image will be placed in a white background to form a shadow that seems natural. This service provides a natural look of image in white background and enhances the beautification of any picture. Natural shadow adopts the same theme but the difference is it creates the […]

Model Image Masking

04 Mar

Tutorial: Model Image Masking

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Alpha channel does the same thing as other masking techniques, with the difference that here, an Alpha Channel is used to. Alpha channels are used to hold complex masking features and data. Alpha channels allow you to access mask, but it is not really used in the image. It is a not-so-common masking technique and […]

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